Thursday, February 02, 2006

Life as an investment banker

Wannabe an investment banker ?

Superb article to read for all those who aspire into one of those coveted "I-BANKS"
Another interesting read detailing about the Investment banking career as such, the demands, the aspirations and the stuff that goes behind can be found here.

Honestly, its a wonderful read and a true blood Eye Opener for those DOLLAR dreaming individuals!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Re-instating Objectives

Sometimes when you are going at lightning speed in life it becomes all the more to re-instate the previously decided objectives, just so that that occasional straying can be avoided and the progress is consistently "On course".

So here as I sit in my this rather spacious aparment in Hyderabad, much bigger than the one in which I stayed for most of my kid life in Delhi, reminiscing about my pleasant childhood in Delhi and wishing for an instant that I could go back, even for a little while, to that comfort of Delhi, the familiarity, the parental care, the carelessness and the freedom to dream unleashed-unbridled. I get a realization than slowly the journey is becoming tiring and though I am not realizing it this instant, soon fatigue will set in. Before that happens I need to recharge my batteries so as to be Loaded for the next round.

Now, to reinstate objectives would be a simpler cause. But here we are talking of dreams, of aspirations, of hopes, of desires, of unchallant thoughts! Now this is is a different ball game altogether! So lets set forth this small exercise in a simplistic manner, using a Third Party Approach. Idea is to pen down all this guy felt and all this guy was coveting and fighting for when he got down to do a Re-fuel.

I see myself after a fullfilling tenure in professional life moving in for the KILL; an MBA from one of the top B-Schools in the world (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Kellog, Wharton types..) probably one of the IVY LEAGUES. India is not good enough for me. Good as the IIMs are they still house some guy from CBIT Hyderabad who bumped off his 4 years in engineering preparing for CAT and that roadside romeo from St. Stephens whose B.Com /B.Sc. was spent appeasing his GF from Lady Sriram. NO WAY! I definitely belong to a different league. I have a very bright academic record and spent my 4 years toiling hard in my Engineering in Computer Science. Includingthree very successful internships at C-DOT, TCS and finally Kanbay. Been working in a coveted which pays me pretty well though I hate my job as such!

"Hone Hone de Nasha, Khone Khone ko hai kya,
Ek Saans main peeja, Zara Zindagi Chadha,
Hai yeh to yeh Jashan, Tu thidakne de Kadam,
Abhi saanson main hai Dum, Tu chalne de Kadam"

After my MBA I may pursue a Ph.D. or may join some Capital market research firm or an Investment Bank and this will be the beginning of my life-long infatuation with capital markets.

I will not compromise on my DREAMS. They are MINE for me to STRIVE, THRIVE and ACHIEVE. I am going to take what it takes in terms of effort and endurance. I will never BETRAY them or LET THEM DOWN.

Though going for an MS would be an easy exit, I would not do that because that is not what I see myself doing after 15 years, and 35 years hence I would not like to see myself being associated without my custom made career for an easier Over-The-Counter Ready-to-use one.

A step-by-step approach would be :
Go take the GMAT first and get a score in the nearest possible vicinity of 800.
So that the best of B-Schools Gun for me. Will make my move to meet that end then.

A Picture of the next place which I would like to call my DEN. Thats NASDAQ for you!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We are Moving

New Location

Migrating the site to a new Database Open Source hosting facility for greater flexibility in terms of content.

But at least for some time now would be maintaining this one too because of the much better perma-link handling capability.

The new site however would mirror all the content present in this one as well. In case you too are finding the layout of this BLOGGER site in a very poor state, I would strongly recommend that you try out my new hosting facility. For the Hyoper link click on the heading of this post or click here

The Chameleon in Me

Different Hues of Me.
Sometimes makes me wonder
why we keep changing our
'jackets' so as to fall in line
with the surroundings.
Come "In Sync" so to say.
Forces me to think!
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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rang de Basanti

Checked out Rang de Basanti Today.
Really worth a dekho. Especially for somebody who is as foolishly hopelessly patriotic as I am. Was set in contemporary India with tinges of sepia here and there. What stood out is the beautoful paralels drawn between the India then and now.
Amazingly it seems like time has stood still for all these years. There is still the opressor and the opressed. The roles and the characters remain same as usual only the individual playing their parts have changed. So the Khaki clad British Sahibs are now replaced by the Pot-bellied UP/Bihar Hawaldars, who I feel are many times worse. Fact is that I really do believe that India has an acute problem in the form of these two states. In President Bush's terminology "Rogue States" Needless to stay Delhi inviting with open arms most immigrants from them also borrows some of their so characteristic fervour.

But while most people would harp on and on about the 'Fantasticity" of the movie there are some obvious loose ends to it. Something the Director did a bad job about. For Example the acting of some of the friends (excluding Amir Khan of course) was a bit loose at times. The script too could have done with a bit of primming. But as a whole is a very good effort. Quite a few of the actor/actresses including but not limited to amir Khan, Soha Ali Khan, Alice Patten, Om Puri, Kiron Kher, Anupam Kher and Atul Kulkarni have done a remarkable job of their roles. The situation gets so reallistic that ou actually miss out the fact that this is just a movie!
Before I conclude, I need to make a mention of an individual whose omittion would be as significant as that od DADA from the indian Cricket team. After a rather longish span A.R.Rahman has actually come up with a sound track which is not only quite good but also Club class ir rather Club Premium Class. He has pushed in a lot of Techno and Fusion stuff into the tracks along with the now routing Bhangra and reggae. Soundtrack is quite worth purchasing and i would recommend it with a rating of 7 on 10 for purchase.
In my callibration themovie scores 7/10 which is mighty good I must say. Considering the facts that Parineeta scored 5 and Park Avenue scored 6. The ones which Have scored homeruns are Agantuk, Godfather I-II, Silence of the Lambs and One Flew over the Cukoo's Nest.

So go catch it before it runs out of your nearby theater (which I assume will be not too soon anyways!).