Friday, January 27, 2006

Life @ God's Own IIM

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What's in My Mind

Well Quite a few things to be Specific. Brushing up what all I have learnt (or should have learnt) in my Engineering, taking stock of my learnings of my years spent at work, summing up the net gyan about Business that has managed to percolate through my thick head, proof reading my NIRVANA regarding my career goals which suddenly dawned on me and brushing up my 'general' knowledge about the world in which I live.... And yes, Lest I forget polishing up my sense of Ethics and Integroity so that they hold good in an Intense grilling of 30 minutes!
Lots of things seem to have taken place n one day to provide fodder enough to rekindle the dying ambers to a behemothian flame.
HAMAS is back in power, Buta Singh has finally called it a day, PPF rates may afterall be spared a cut and of course a Budget disclosure of recent Congress summit in Gachibowli Stadium in Hyderabad which could put a Sooraj Barjatya directed7 Starrer 18 Locale Hindi Blockbuster to shame!
The most disturbing of these is however the recent summit that congress had in Hyderabad. It was in Gachibowli Stadium which is right next to my house. Lemme start with the positive effects first, the roads and the dividers with the proper marings came up almost overnight! The city was almost spotless, with the only odd thing the murderous looking fat moustached humongous creatures sporting a gandhian atire walking in arrogant strides through the city roads. On the flip side however lot of things have gone wrong. The whole city is full of Congress posters and banners; some of which have slogans which range from amusing to outrageous & Ridiculous. One such poster which is almost 10 meter by 10 meter in dimention and can be seen around every nook and corner has a Huge potrait of Rahul Gandhi and next to it has written, we want Reliable, Accomplished, Honest, Understanding, Leadership. What makes this border insanity are the two words 'Accomplished' and Reliable. Only God and the Illiterate Masses of India could have such foresight to look this deep into the future. On doing a more objective evaluation of Rajiv Gandhi's Tenure quite a few of his misdeeds prop up. Starting from 'When a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes", to sending the IPKF, to Bofors Kick-backs to finally the most Henious of them all, the Shah Banu case. His contributions to the country and its economy was only one; Liberalization and that too required the impetus of P.V.Narsimha Rao to get rolling. Reminds me of the American Presidents duo of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. While Lincoln had legally abolished racial discrimination it remained rampant and poingnant in day to day life. It took a persona of Kennedy's stature to finally put words toaction. No wonder that the credit for this almost entirely goes to JFK.
P.V.Narimha Rao had definitely outperformed all Indian Prime Ministers till date and the only one who can actually compete with him would probably be Indira Gandhi.
Leaving with a collage of my present time gobbler : My Notebook, Broadband, Wikipedia, Textbooks and Computer Sciences!

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A Bygone Year 2005 in Pictures

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Karma Ecstacy and Computer science

Twiddling In and out of Perma/Sub - Consciousness
January 25, 2006

Life has been in a churner of late, with uncomfortable questions out popping up and refusing to settle down. Questions like what do I really want of life and w.t.f do I wna to do in my life, Why and more importantly Why not something else?? .. Now these can be really difficult to answer

How prophetic and how true.
Life is full of Surprises, but never when you need one !!
Bringing order to the house, let me start off with a diary of exciting events in reverse chronological order.
  • Been penning down my own “Five Year Plan” for myself; in the process answering some surprisingly simple but audaciously difficult questions. To get an Idea of what I am talking about recall the Friendly man from AQUAGUARD  ad in which the kid invariably keeps popping up the uncomfortable question “ussay kya hoga” to the handsome salesman much to his dismay

  • Attended a hugely successful and a highly effective seminar on both SAT and SUN. Apart from the ‘take-home’  in terms of the discourse it was a very useful networking platform

  • Been brushing up a lot of long forgotten stuff from Computer Science. Thanks to Wikipedia. As they say the Ghosts of the past are returning to haunt me.

  • Finally moved on to my own new cabin space in my office. Now that’s good but I had to loose so much of priceless personal data which the office personnel stubbornly resisted from transferring to my new system

  • Finally, its parting time with G, one helluva troublesome roomie of mine.

  • Have an Interview Scheduled tomorrow so will ask the time machine to enter the warp zone and hence pause the “Reverse chronological synopsis”