Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lets start with Who am I !

Hi ,
Its truly perplexing when I am asked to describe myself. Its like this, I am more like cipher, am in constant pursuit of making some sense out of myself . Had you known me any better you could not have agreed with me any more than what you do now; Puzzled? See what I mean!
But hey, I am not a number crunching neo-nazi weirdo all the same. I am a Bong from Delhi. Computer science did little to soothen my senses so I am now working in an american software consulting firm in Southern India. Not that it help much, I think.
Music is better alternative according to me. I really indulge in it fathoms deep.
you might be tempted to call me a pop-blue lover if you observe me on periphery , however in depth analysis reveals a craze for techno , alternative fusion , rock and Jazz. So tthat means all except metal & Heavy metal.
My hobbies are observing people and doing analysis. Comes close second is INVESTMENT ANALYSIS & BUSINESS FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS . Business esp. ones done with panache and elegance really amazes me.
I have this amongst my objectives in life , that I will help people do away with the connotation that you cannot do good business without giving the other person a bad deal !
Win - Win is my kindda trade !

Keep Rocking in the FREE World (as long as it lasts )
Cheers ,

PS : All my friends call me CHEETOS