Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Funny ATC Quotes, Peoplesoft & World renowned Blogs

funny air traffic controllers quotes: "From an unknown aircraft waiting in a very long takeoff queue: 'I'm bored!' Ground Traffic Control: 'Last aircraft transmitting, identify yourself immediately!' Unknown aircraft: 'I said I was bored, not stupid!'"
The hyperlink goes to a page having some ATC (Air Traffic Controller) quotes/Converstions which had me rolling on the floor. Have come across them for not the first time yet still it did evoke quite a magnificient effect. Do go there, especially if you are a jet setting traveller.

By the way I am on the verge of working with Peoplesoft. After the hostile takeover by ORACLE don't quite know if I should leave the comfort zone of Business Intelligence with/without due diligence. Waiting for a better sense to prevail and till that time holding on to what I have.

Came Across a publication detailing about the have/have-nots in terms of achievers in DOT.COM startups. One of the trends which have survived and thrived is that of BLOGS In fact in the 2004 Presidential elections in USAbloggers were invited along with normal press reporters from traditional media for briefings.
Some Nick Denton has been figured in one of most powerful men in US Media for his widely seen blogs : Gizmodo - the gizmo Blog, Wonkette - the Political Blog and Fleshbot - the porn Blog

I checked out one of these (guess which one ;) and found them to be quite good. For one, lemme help you with a taster for the stuff. Click Here

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