Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Karma Ecstacy and Computer science

Twiddling In and out of Perma/Sub - Consciousness
January 25, 2006

Life has been in a churner of late, with uncomfortable questions out popping up and refusing to settle down. Questions like what do I really want of life and w.t.f do I wna to do in my life, Why and more importantly Why not something else?? .. Now these can be really difficult to answer

How prophetic and how true.
Life is full of Surprises, but never when you need one !!
Bringing order to the house, let me start off with a diary of exciting events in reverse chronological order.
  • Been penning down my own “Five Year Plan” for myself; in the process answering some surprisingly simple but audaciously difficult questions. To get an Idea of what I am talking about recall the Friendly man from AQUAGUARD  ad in which the kid invariably keeps popping up the uncomfortable question “ussay kya hoga” to the handsome salesman much to his dismay

  • Attended a hugely successful and a highly effective seminar on both SAT and SUN. Apart from the ‘take-home’  in terms of the discourse it was a very useful networking platform

  • Been brushing up a lot of long forgotten stuff from Computer Science. Thanks to Wikipedia. As they say the Ghosts of the past are returning to haunt me.

  • Finally moved on to my own new cabin space in my office. Now that’s good but I had to loose so much of priceless personal data which the office personnel stubbornly resisted from transferring to my new system

  • Finally, its parting time with G, one helluva troublesome roomie of mine.

  • Have an Interview Scheduled tomorrow so will ask the time machine to enter the warp zone and hence pause the “Reverse chronological synopsis”