Saturday, February 11, 2006

Aesthetical Redemption

handwriting/penmanship tips: "’re probably hoping a fountain pen will do the trick ... If you use a spiral notebook for practice, you can leaf back and see your progress. At first, your strokes and lines will be bad—over-running and under-running the lines, too small, too big, crooked, uneven, just ugly. Check your position; check your muscle groups; and try again. And again."

This is something I have always wanted to do. Have a beautiful typeset handwriting, something that would make my not so attractive writeups too, very very attractive. Now this is when I really realise two very upsetting things in life. One is the importance of the cursive writing workbooks that I had comfortably tossed off in primary school and the other is the amount of role the aesthetic appeal of an object plays in determining the first impression or the knee-jerk rection of an entity or idea.

Its Quite Profound, if I may so add. The other day I was talking to one of my friends about to complete his MBA from a top B-School here. He was cribbing and lamenting about the sexual and racial discrimination that goes on in the placement process. He was refering to the obvious preference that beautiful ladies get over aesthetically challenged men like him. In no uncertain terms he mentioned that the prefference of the selection body is unabashed and unashamed in this regard.
Girls, especially the pretty ones, are definitely first amongst all races that exist in modern civilization. To remove any doubt that may remainin the corner of your mind let me take an examlple. Try to recall the face of Mayawati or Rabri devi for a while (sorry for not being able to find a more aesthetically challenged politician). Imagine for a moment this was not Mayawati/Rabri but was Sonia Ganshi. The Foreign Born Italian Blood Indian Princess.
I think somehow the discomfort in the above scenario is obvios and stark. I do not need to further elaborate on that! Somehow we want the people whom we admire and look up to should be good looking if not outright orgeous. In stories told to kids, Princes have always been handsome, its the villain who reserves the honour of being of Mirror-Cracking material. Somewhere the over importance of looks is imbibed in the psyche of us right from when we are born. Rmember all the relatives ho come over to see a new born and keep complimenting on how goodlooking the baby is! Yes! It starts right there.