Sunday, February 26, 2006

Photos of Hitech City

Cyber Gateway at the Top. One of the earlier Cyber workspaces Built. The First one being Cyber towers whose photos now don every promotional photograaph of Hyderabad

Below comes the latest in the triology the Cyber Pearl One of the best and most grandiose looking TCS offices.
Set in Red brick and in cylindrical shape this is TCS Deccan park for you

After TCS lets come to a rather eye catchy, yet awkward looking building
This is JVP for you. A Building that hosts three companies Kanbay, EIQ Networks and Agami Solutions with Kanbay taking 90% of the volume pie

But with the sparkling new Campus comming
out beside Microsoft, Wipro and ISB, Kanbay
would soon be moving out of this cramped location
to its rather voluminous new address.

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