Friday, February 24, 2006

Carpe Diem

Target :Harvard Business School
Came across the latest presentation From the HBS adcom and marketing team, regarding the prospect of their program and the knick-knacks. Liked two things a helluva lot. One is that they have done away with the madatory work experience requirement that most other B-Schools have and the second is the expansive and almost exhaustive financing options that this B-School provides. The later has some obvious advantages for both the school in terms of the intake pool and the aspirant, so wouldn't harp much on that. The former, is like opening up the windows to let some fresh air in. Suitably screened college passouts bring a certain amount of refreshing idealism and romanticism with them. They breathe a lot of energy and enthusiasm and most importantly hold strong to thier beliefs. A welcome change among the war-worn seniors who through their experiences in life often bring with them an overdose of practicality and pramatism so as to even under achieve than the seekable. A suitable blend of Ideology and pragmatism garnished with rich and postive inferences drawn from practical experience often lead to good judgmental outputs.
Anyways, Loved the complete presentation. Went through it over and over again until there was an over bearing of guilt feeling of killing precious time. Made me wonder when I will be able to walk into the corridors of HBS. Lot of students aspire to Kellogg or Wharton for the rich industry interface and the intense network they offer. Makes them better utilise their MBA, at least initially , when they pass out.
For me Harvard remains the temple of modern philosophy, thought and awakening. Incidentally I have seen my taste change over the years, and I have grown into much more of a conformist that the rebel I was in my yesteryears. I have come to realise that my rebellion too was conformity of a kind, I conformed to the commendable act of disagreeing with anything that was widely accepted.

I have overhauled this web-log to reflect the changes that I have gone over the past couple of years. I truly have undergine a thorough re-orientation over the past two years of my active professional life. I have begun to see a lot more and thus appreciate the multi-dimentional aspects of most worldly problems. The next challenge is to develop the ability to skim through chaff to seperate the grain from these, so to say that after apprfeciatiing the multiple dimentions be able to sieve out the crux of the matter from the ocean of nitty-gritties.
Let me know how you like the look and feel of the new site.

I am actually considering moving back from wordpress, which actually is quite buggy even now. Hardly a match for the amount of flexibility that blogger offers me.

Till the time I am able to makeup my mind I will probably dabble between the two


P.S: I have resolved the formatting issues with this site for Internet Explorer. A big thanks to Sugata 'Joy' Bannerji for the same