Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Viva la Goa : Pictures from Vacation at Goa

Snap 1 : The whole gang wholed up at the Hotel Room. The holligans rfepersent the tru flavor of my college and for that matter any premiumEngineering College Hostel crowd

Snap 2 : Calangute Beach minus the blondes minus the brunetters or in short Calangiute beach minus the fun

Snap 3 : Calangute beach, for careful and keenobserves there is gold hidden behind.

Snap 4 : Just before I managed to Rinse my precious Digital Camera

Snap 5 : On Board the Ferry

Snap 6 : The Soaked Gang

Snap 7 : Sky, Ocean and the Horiszon that stands in between. the Beauty of the sand belies the amount of discomfort it causes to the visitors in the hot summer afternoons.