Sunday, May 14, 2006

T.I.M.E Seminar & Party

At the successful completion of the CAT preperatoy training program and followed by the resounding success results in the IIM selections, the T.I.M.E team organised a seminar in which they had called all the successful students for a Information, Knowledge & Exterience sharing with the CAT aspirants for the year 2006.

The events took place at Hari Hara Kala Bhavanin Secunderabad and was attended by, among others, the faculty and the management of T.I.M.E.
In the evening there was a party organised to celebrate the success, and all the students who have made it to the B-Schools were invited.

This was an occassion where we had a chance to meet al the folks with whom we had animated exchanges during the classroom programs and hadd heated dialogues during the preperatory mock Group Discussions.
Got to meet a lot of friends whem we had made in the course of the GD/PI preperation post CAT.

Was quite eager to meet Mahip & some oethers who had given everyone including myself a very tough time in the GD's
Amongst the faculty, met Kaushak Sharma, Bharat Jain, Manik Darruvala, Girish Simon & Chaitanya. All of these people had a remarkable contribution of steering our preperation during the GD/PI stage.

CAT is more like an individual game in which the bulk of the effort has to come from an individual, however in GD's the group work and the councellikng sessions became the differentiators between making it and missing it !